Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's about that time...

As you can see I haven't had ANY time to post lately and I think I have realized I just need to say goodbye...for sometime at least. Crazy I know...but little man Hank has taken so much time which is awesome. I just had my gallbladder removed and that wasn't any fun. We are getting ready for a trip to Ireland and I know it will rock...even if I am still slightly recouping!

Cubs oh my cubs...clinched the Central and that is sooo sweet!

You can always visit on myspace page ( link on the right)

and here ia a pic of Hanks 1st visit to the Bleachers at Wrigley!

His shirt says bleacher bum in training and the back says Shut up and drink your milk!


Here is my newest tattoo on my thigh...sorry you have to see the gross cottage cheese on my thigh too!

You can also check out a new video of Hank at

So take care all of you...Maybe I will be back and maybe I won't...Life will tell!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday the 13th kicks ass!

Okay so my birthday this year was on Friday the 13th! It rocked...I had some friends over for some food drinks and fun!

here are some pics to enjoy! If you want to see all the pics you will have to go to Myspace at

sorry I can't do the cool photo album click here cause I know all this cool crap to do with my blog like britt can you all will just have to look at them like this!

This is my big ass birthday cake that Jim made for me!

Here are some of the boys...Ward, Jeff, Shawn, Dave and RitterBaby Hank and MEKate Roxy and Kerri getting some grub

Hey Chicago what do you say...



Ireland here we come!

Well the plane tickets are booked and I would say we got a great deal. It just so happens that we had enough frequent flier miles to get 2 round trip tickets to Ireland. So with the fees you have to pay to book the tickets our total costs us $114.00 for 2 round trips to IRE!!!

I can't wait...

Stay tuned for the trip!

Back 2 back jacks in the 7th!

Oh baby the Cubs just hit back to back jacks in the 7th...some cool cubs fan from Winnebago named Kevin won 7000$!!! I am listening to Ron and pat and it was hysterical because they announced the back to back simultaneously when Ramirez hit his home run after Lee. Pat is nonchalantly announcing that this guy has won 1000$ for the 2 HR in a row and then all of a sudden they realize that it is the 7th inning and Ron gets all excited and they announce No it's not 1000$...IT'S 7000$! Cubs are tied and we have a base runner on! Let's go Cubbies Rally!

Cubs cool...Sox freaks!

Cubs finally got swept by the freakin Devil Rays! We are losing to the White Sox right now but hopefully we will have a late rally to pull out a win at Wrigley Field!

SOOOOO happy Stephanie won for Top Chef. Richard kinda chocked and Lisa actually did fairly well so I was kinda sweatin it at the finale because I would have to vomit is scowl faced Lisa won!

Went to the White Sox game this past week to watch them play against the Pirates. We were there because we have a friend who pitched relief for the Pirates. I realize I am a die hard Cubs fan but let me just say...

Beautiful field but ugly inside and out fans. I guess they are called the White Sox because their fans are White Trash. Nasty dirty crash fans! I will never go back to that park!

Crazy storm !

Here is a video of that crazy storm we had last week. I was at the chiefs game and the sky started to look a little dark and since I had Hank with me I decided to leave a bit early so i didn't have to try to get him in the car in rain. I got home just as the rain started and then...THE RAIN STARTED. It was crazy because it was hail and rain and rain and rain.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Funny little man

Here is a post to our cute little guy!


What's been going on!

Been to 2 cubs games so far both winners! One freezing cold and one hot hot hot!
Sat in the bleachers for the CHI vs LAD and got Derrick Lowe to sign a ball for me and toss it up! That was pretty cool!

Went to the STL VS PIT game in STL and unfortunately the Pirates lost but it was a good game!

Might be going up to the MIL VS PIT on the 4th of July in Milwaukee. Side fun extra note...Summerfest same weekend!

Friday the 13th is coming up and the best part about it is...It's my Birthday!

Saw Iron man...i really liked is soooo good to see Robert Downey Jr. back into living a clean life!

Hoping to see Dropkicks this summer in Chicago but haven't gotten the tickets yet!!!

Top Chef ... Really LISA?!?!?!?

Big Brother is getting ready to start again in July!!!

Hope to see you sooner that later!

It's way tooooo HOT!

Dear Spring,

Sorry you couldn't come to the Midwest this year...We had winter here for a good amount of time and now summer has decided to smash right in! Hope all is well and you will make an appearance for more than 2 days next year!

Krisser Pisser

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2 months...YIKES!

Okay so obviously my 1st priority isn't posting!
I don't think I blogged hardly 1 about Big Brother 9. Adam won...wished it was Ryan but whatever!!!
Survivor Fans VS Favorites...So let down when Parvati won. Boring!
Hell's Kitchen is starting to annoy me? Anyone else?
LOVING TOP CHEF though!!! I was sad Jen got kicked off...(The Fauxhawk lesbian) I can't believe Lisa is still here...Glad Nikki was sent home...I am hoping for Richard and Stephanie in the finals...Does anyone think Charlie Trotter will make an appearance as a guest judge?
Not a huge fan of Brittany on How I met your Mother.
Went to my friend John's wedding in Florida: Short but fun trip!!
Pic of John(groom) and Dan at the bar night b4 the wedding.
I have blue hair again for the Cubs...It seems to be helping them!

Dan,Phil, ME, and John at the Reception. I realize my shirt looks a bit like my grandma's 70s drapes.

Going to the Cubs/Pirates game on Sunday!

Also I won 2 tickets on American Airlines from the Rivermen Raffle!


Gotta GO!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Too MUCH!!!

I know I know I have been a bad blogger lately! Sorry there is just too much going on!

Quick Synopsis!

Went to Dropkick's last Monday in St. Louis! It freakin rocked! I got to dance on stage with Ken Casey for Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced! It was Sweet!

Tomorrow is ST. PAT'S and I can not wait ! Roxy is picking me up at 7:45 am! Side note---Kelleher's isn't opening up until 8 am this year! I hate getting a late start on St. Pat's! Oh well I will have to make up for it!

Cubs Opening Day is fast approaching!

My tiny little Baby is going to be 1 year old in a month and a half! How the Crap did that happen!

Hank competed in the baby crawl at the Women's BU halftime! Well he just kinda hung out on the floor and didn't move so competed is kinda a strong word for what he did!

Hopefully I can drop in some pics soon of the little man and hopefully I will have some awesome stories after tomorrow! He is a pic of me last year if you forgot!
Now you can see why I am so excited about this year! HINT: I am not the DD this year!

No big plans for Easter...hopefully my grandpa will be out of the hospital (double pneumonia and he's 90) and I will take him to church and then a little food!

If you see me laying face down tomorrow just step over me... I am more than likely catching a catnap to get through the rest of the day!

Drink Drink Drink my friends!!!!!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Why Yesterday was a glorious day...

I got to hear Ron Santo and Pat Hughes on AM radio call the Cubs 1st Spring Training game with the Chicago Cubs. They did win 12-6 against the Giants. Oh I feel the winter going away....forget about the fact that we got snow last night. I haven't stumbled upon any opening day tickets yet but I am still very hopefully that the heavens will open up and drop 2 tickets in our laps...If anyone out there knows of any PLEASE let me know. Other than the $400 ones on eBay!

Guess What I get to do on Saturday...WATCH the Cubs play on TV!!! Oh it will be a good day...Yes it will...


Friday, February 22, 2008

The Good ...The Bad...and the Ugly

Well I can tell you I looked like a deflated balloon from the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. At about 10:45 opening day was sold out! Then I watched without any control as the 1st St. Louis game I wanted sells out. I finally get thru on the phone and am trying to navigate the virtual reality "Laura" to understand the tickets I want and as I am saying things over and over while "Laura" keeps saying..."I'm sorry I didn't get that could you repeat how many tickets you wanted" 2 more St. Louis games sell out. I finally get transferred to a real person and I think she had about 10 minutes of training before she answered the phone. I do get my 5th choice of game and it takes almost 20 minutes to finish my transaction. With blunder after blunder I can't believe I finally finish the purchase. Sandra the incompetent ticket sales women tries to charge me for Fed Ev at 19$ a pop to send my bleacher seat tickets to me. I explain that I have to pick bleacher seats up from will call so I don't need the shipping. Then she charges me for 3 tickets instead of 2. Finally she is going to hang up before she gives me my confirmation number which you have to have to pick up your tickets at will call. I finally ask for a supervisor to make sure my transaction went thru! After that I did get thru a couple of more times and I do get picked up on the Internet once. So my list of games is as follows:

5/26 Dodgers
8/3 Pirates
8/24 Nationals
9/1 Astros

All games are bleachers.

I'll post later about my disgust about tickets on eBay 10 minutes after they go on sale!!!
Also my ideas on trying to find reasonable priced tickets for opening day!

let's pray to the baseball gods for help!

Today's the Day...

I sit here this morning with the excitement of a third grader going to Disneyland! Single Game tickets go on sale today for the Chicago Cubs 2008 season! So I have my list of games I want to try and get and of course the order to get them in. I have gotten myself into the virtual waiting room and have the phone number in the phone ready to go...The puck drops at 10am. Sorry about the hockey reference but you know what I mean. I will say it doesn't seem to me that the virtual waiting room is working right now which kinda freaks me out but I have always had way more luck on the phone then on the puter. So I hope in about 5 hours my hard work will have paid off and we will have about 5 games to go to this year!

Batter up Guys it's almost Baseball season!

Also thank you to the blogger gods because spell check is working again!